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News, guys! One More Date, Episode Six, the First Animation, more Patreon improvements

Posted by DicPicStudio - July 28th, 2021

Another news post is here! Let’s go.

The most important event of this month - our Discord is finally up and running! Currently available for Patrons of any tier.

Board of Directors benefit is already available for 25 dollar tier! Separate game development chat is filled with insights, suggestions, and future plans, and we even made our first scene together!

First things first, the new episode. Episode six: Summertime Madness is already half completed! For example, here you can see the second scene, while the most interesting part of the content is in progress right now. And we think you’ll like this part, as:

The first animation in the game is coming in the next episode! We’ve been teasing it for a long, and now it’s official. The details coming below:

With the release of episode five, we’ve reached our 1000 dollars goal on Patreon! That finally allowed us to launch work on our first long-awaited animation, and after a month of work we can finally show you the alfa version - the post comes the next week. For it, we chose the most popular girl according to the poll.

Now more info on the scene itself:

We’re proud to say that nevertheless of complicity we decided to make our first animation frame based like in big-budget projects to achieve high quality and make something everyone will love. The animation itself won’t be big, as it is the first one and it’s resource-consuming, on the other hand, it’s going to be as good as it gets - quality over quantity. Moreover, if we’d succeed with the money target we could try to make “banging hard” and “cum” versions as well (as the animation is frame-based, each version should be made separately).

Next, to make for the best scene so far appropriate introduction, it will be the part of the new date! Obviously, it will be with Naira and on the beach. Moreover, this means she’ll receive a new costume, and if some spare time will remain, maybe even two! Of course, the date means all new lines, further disclosure of her character, and a lot of romance, if can withstand her sarcasm. The date is under Board discussion right now.

PS: It seems we forget again about the main question: when the release? Okay, let’s orient to August 15th, and if we won’t be there on time animal shelter receives another donation (it feels local cats won’t fit the door soon).