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New Episode 4 is available for early access!

Posted by DicPicStudio - February 27th, 2021

It's been a long since the previous release, but the long-awaited Episode 4 is finally ready!

Download it on Patreon

The biggest, the best, better than the rest.

This is all you need to know about it.

But if you want the details, here there are:

  • The dinner with the farmer! Yes, it is finally here. It took a look of time and work, but it was worth it. Moreover, the dinner consists of two parts: the scene and the date. Which means...
  • Introduction of the dating system! It also took a look of time and we wrote about it a lot, and finally, you can enjoy the result. The algorithm was remade several times, to make the date interesting and competing while not making it too hard. As this is a big topic, it has separate instructions inside the game.
  • New character! Nasty little cutie Sammy, which you may see in Christmas Special now has her appearance in the main game. Of course with a scene.
  • Two big scenes and a date! We were so bored staying at home that made a bit more content for scenes that were planned. Almost 30 frames for each scene (100 counting variations) + the date will have 13 emotions, 5 pose variations, and a drinking mini-event: over 70 visual options combined. Both will have clothes variations, and Sammy’s scene will even have two parts. We wanted to add as many visual details as possible (and maybe overdid a bit), to support the text line. But speaking about it...
  • A lot of texts! First, more texts for the scenes, near 50 dialogue options for the date, plus quests and minor dialogues... Just huge stockpile of texts. Hope you’ll enjoy reading all of those because if you don’t, they cannot be skipped anyway. Talking about those annoying grammar mistakes, we’ll try to deal with them with the one-dollar release.
  • What’s more? Earn Shells by catching and selling fish, shop (buy&sell), new indoor location, a new costume for Tara with two options, some bug fixes.
  • The last but not the least. Hall of Fame is finally available in the game! Located on the way to castle entrance.

PS: Earning all those Shells may be boring, as currently, we have only one farmer job, so the shop will become available after the date: sell potions and dildo there. In the next episodes, we'll add two more ways to earn Shells and rework this moment.